You have had a little experience on the road and you want to prepare for the Restricted Licence Test.

The New-Zealand Restricted Drivers Licence test has become far more comprehensive in recent times. The level of competency and confidence required to be successful has been raised. We will ensure you have the skills, competence and confidence to successfully pass your test.

What you will learn:

  • Using your rear vision mirrors
  • Safety rain, hail or shine – driving in all weather conditions
  • Road awareness – searching well ahead, recognising potential problems early giving you more time to react
  • Maneuvering the car – parallel parking, angle parking, reversing, 3 point turns or u-turns
  • Navigating roundabouts – how to indicate and successfully negotiate them with ease
  • Following distances
  • Driving on the motorway – lane changes and what you need to pay attention to while driving at higher speeds alongside other road users
  • The importance of being courteous to other road users or how certain attitudes effect your driving.

Pre-requisite: New Zealand Learner Driver Licence