A great teacher will help you become a better driver

At Drive4Life we have over 16 years driver training experience and helped thousands of students successfully pass their licence test.

Our skills, patience and love for driving will ensure you become a confident and competent driver so you can achieve a sense of freedom and independence for the rest of your life.

As the director of Drive4Life Driver Training, I have lived in New Zealand for over 25 years. Originally of European origin, I am well acquainted with the kiwi way of life. I learned to drive in Germany, exploring the sophisticated motorway system there, also dabbled a bit in car racing in my spare time. I have had the pleasure of driving fast cars as well as buses and large trucks and although driving can be a tiring exercise, I have never lost my love for it.  It is that love first and foremost as well as other driving skills that is at the forefront of my teaching. If you enjoy driving, not only will you learn better, but you also take that joy with you on your journey.


Land Transport New Zealand Approved Driving Instructor

16 years actively involved in driver education including 14 years with AA Driver Training